DG 12

I give you a new chapter of DG and with that, also some potential bad news.

The thing is that I haven’t been able to contact the TL for over a week now, and he hasn’t uploaded any new chapters in 3 weeks. He did say that he had TL’d up to ch 15 but was going to review it, about 2 weeks ago.

He also started another project, so he’s probably busy with that. Therefore I don’t know when I can get you the next few chapters. So I aplogize about that.

I know your feeling, I’ve been waiting for the next chapters too 🙁

PS: We are still recruiting several people:

  • Need a final editor for TM and TSA, then I can get out of the loop, we got a proofreader and an editor. The second is for the final checks.
  • Need proofreaders for other novels, and editors too.
  • I’m still looking for a TL’r for CoPW (for now, the current one is still here) and FMG.
  • We have a small team of volunteers and have started working on our site, but we are still looking for more people to help share the workload. We also need a designer that can “Make shit look good and attractive”. We are not using Drupal 8 anymore, but will be building from scratch using PHP. Your skillsets should include on or more of the following: PHP, JS, CSS, bootstrap and knowledge on laravel.
  • Need help setting up DFP ads properly. (Anyone Help pl0x?)

PPS: don’t forget to give us ratings on NU, thank you!

DG Ch 12

TL: Udeze
Edit: Ilesyt

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