DG 19

A lot of people have been waiting for this chapter, sorry for the delay.
Enjoy the chapter!

Also, I got news about our website:
Because our staffmembers are too busy to be working on the website, and some have quit, we have decided to get a hired team to finish the website.
But we don’t exactly have the funds to pay them. Therefor, we will start a fundraiser for the new website soon. We will let you know more soon.

ALSO, If anyone has any suggestions for a good team to build our website, please let us know. Preferably cheap, and also NO WordPress.

Edit: Sorry about the wrong naming.

DG Ch 19

TL: Udeze
Edit: Ilesyt, Richie


  1. Dear Readers,

    I’m preparing a farewell gift for all the Demon God readers out there.

    I’ve translated Demon God up to chapter 25 and my friends are currently TLC-ing these chapters now.

    As soon as my friends have finished TLC-ing them, I will either; upload them for free (unedited) or you’ll be able to read the edited chapters on this site after Richie and Lesyt have finished editing them.

    I was planning to drop Demon God before because I don’t like the author’s style. However, I was also planning to help my friend take over and translate 3 chapters a week, just like I am currently doing with The Lame Daoist Priest and Great Dao Commander.

    The plan was that I will do a chapter and TLC the other 2 chapters he TL’s. But now, since I’ve lost the motivation to do that, my friend also doesn’t want to do it either.

    Hopefully, some kind soul will continue translating Demon God in the near future. I’m sincerely hopeful that s/he will not have to experience what I have.



  2. Plz don’t drop it.

    There are people like those all over but there are also readers who really look forward to a single update without complaining.
    And we understand how busy life can get so we really are greatful.

    I love DG and love your translation so please… 🙁

  3. I wanna say something here… some trolls e-mailed me and ranted about Demon God’s translation pace and many things of which I’m too lazy to paste the content here…. there are more 100+ emails from those trolls… I blamed myself from putting my email on my wordpress site

    I’m sorry for Demon God readers out there who know nothing about this. But, everyone has a bottom line, and mine is I’m not some greedy bastard for money. I never have received even a single dime from Demon God’s translation…

    I don’t translate Demon God to make money out of it, or want a donation to speed up my translation pace (like what they said in the email). I don’t even have the intention to make a name for myself… anyone can ask to lesyt or LNW team, whether I do the translation for money or not… feel free to ask them…

    Hence, I’m now officially dropping Demon God for good…

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