Drawing Submissions

Hello dear readers.

I think there is currently a great lack of drawings for our novels. Especially CoPW drawings would be great.

Therefor, I am requesting for you guys to send in drawings of your favorite scenes in our novels.
For example, one of my favorite scenes to visualize is the bloody flower created by Shao Xuan’s trap in CoPW.

If there are artistic people out there, please draw and send in your favorite scenes. We might even put them up at the chapters.


On another note! We are currently busy creating a new website, as such a new logo would also be in order. The background of the header will be light black, as for the body, it is currently whitish (very light grey).

Therefor, we are accepting submissions for a new logo!

Please post all your submissions here or mail them to us at [email protected]
You can also use the contact us page.

And happy New Year everyone!

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