DG Ch 12

Chapter 12 – Duel Agreement

Translated by Udeze


Xiao Han, who was the target of the provocation, couldn’t just sit still. He wiped his mouth and stood up immediately. He was not a timid person, as he felt blood from his whole body rush to his head, a slight anger in his heart was invoked.

Wu Yan face grinned coldly at Xiao Han. “What’s wrong walking target?”

When Xiao Han just wanted to speak, Ah Chou suddenly walked forward, held Xiao Han, signalled him with his eyes, and spoke: “All right, Wu Yan, your are very strong, and we dare not provoke you, have it your way, Let’s go Xiao Han…”

At the same moment, the laughter could be heard from outside of the Dining Hall…

“Hahaha~~~ these two good-for-nothings.”

“What cowards, to think they practice martial arts here, they are simply a disgrace for our Cloud Rain Sect.”

“A walking target and a very ugly person, do you think you can oppose us? Get lost and roll with your tail between the legs!”


Ah Chou’s complexion slightly expressed resenting looks. However he patiently endured it, and repeatedly urged Xiao Han to leave the place quickly.

Wu Yan crossed his arms and sneered, “Listen, I told you to roll, not walk, don’t you know how to roll?”

“Shut up!” Xiao Han roared.

The entire Dining Hall all of a sudden became quiet, all outer disciples present here were looking at Xiao Han in astonished looks.

What? This walking target actually dared to talk back? Was he out of his mind?

“Uh huh…?” Wu Yan’s complexion flushed red instantly, his forehead’s veins were bulging, and a trace of shame and rage out of humiliation was clearly shown on his face. “Walking target, you dare to growl? You actually dare to roar?”

A loud explosion sound came out from Wu Yan’s body. His internal organs emitted a burst of thundering explosions. His imposing aura was raising and he glared at Xiao Han in rage, full of killing intent.

“Wu Yan… you… you, do you want to fight in this Dining Hall? You… you dare?” Ah Chou was startled.

“I was a walking target before, and had no dignity. But from now on I’m also an outer disciple who learns martial arts and have my own dignity. I have sworn that anyone who tramples on my dignity, I’ll kill him even if it costs me my life.” Xiao Han glared back at Wu Yan.

The situation was tense.

“What? A walking target talks about having a dignity? What kind of dignity do the walking targets have?” some outer disciples thought that Xiao Han’s words are inconceivable.

“This walking target actually has some character.”

“Having a character is one thing, but the premise is that it must be supported with sufficient strength. If you don’t have the ability, even if you had some character it would only be courting death.”

“Well, well, well.” Wu Yan grinned hideously. His eyes quickly moved straight towards Xiao Han and shouted. “Walking target, since you want to defend your so-called dignity, then do you dare to fight me in the arena? Fight for your dignity, if you are afraid, don’t talk about dignity anymore, and if you see me in the future, just tuck your tail between your legs and roll!”

“Xiao Han, don’t promise him! He’s just provoking you! Endure! Just forbear it and let it go! As long as you don’t comply to fight in the arena, they won’t be able to do anything to you!” Ah Chou panicked and quickly told Xiao Han.

“Fight in the arena? Alright, I promise you.” Xiao Han ignored Ah Chou’s advice and directly replied.

“Good, you have the courage! However people with such spirit usually die fast! Hahahaha! Tomorrow morning, I’ll be waiting for you!.” Wu Yan laughed and whispered another few words in a low voice: “Walking target, you’re dead!”

Right at this moment, Yang Lei also walked out, with Linghu Song and several outer disciples following behind him.

Yang Lei walked to Xiao Han’s table, and looked deeply at Xiao Han in silence.

In an instant Xiao Han felt like he was being pressured and constricted, as if a mountain was pressing on his body.

“Wu Yan, let’s go.” Yang Lei spoke indifferently.

“Walking target, remember, we’ll meet in the arena tomorrow morning.” Wu Yan dropped a few words, followed Yang Lei and left.

Linghu Song turned his head and stared at Xiao Han maliciously, as if he wished to cut him into pieces and eat him alive.

At this time, other outer disciples in the Dining Hall were looking at Xiao Han, dumbfounded. They absolutely didn’t expect that Xiao Han would accept the duel with Wu Yan in the arena. Wasn’t this courting death? They originally thought that Xiao Han was a faint-hearted person.

“This walking target is finished. He will certainly be killed by Wu Yan.

Wu Yan’s cultivation is perhaps not that high, but he is a Body Purifying middle stage cultivator, while this walking target was only at Bone Refining layer. The disparity is too big and cannot be compared.”

“That is, with the difference of a whole realm, the outcome has already been decided.”

“Moreover, I heard that this walking target reached his current cultivation level by relying on a heavenly medicinal herb, which accidentally caused him to have bone explosions, and gave him the opportunity to enter the Outer Hall. It’s just like having a strong shell but a hollow inside. He’s really just a waste, and yet he dared to fight with people with real ability?”

“Right, Yang Lei seemed to dislike that walking target. Even if this walking target didn’t die tomorrow, his life would not be a any better anyways.”


Xiao Han heaved a sigh of relief, and talked to Ah Chou. “Senior brother Ah Chou, I have eaten my meal, let’s go back.”

“Hey….” Ah Chou sighed, and left the Dining Hall with Xiao Han.

“It’s over Xiao Han, it’s really over.” Ah Chou said again and again after they left the Dining Hall. “Xiao Han, you complied to have a duel with Wu Yan in front of so many outer disciples, so you cannot pull back your words, otherwise you will be ridiculed forever in this Outer Hall. You should have rejected his challenge and let it go, but now it’s over. Why didn’t you endure Xiao Han? You just entered the Outer Hall, why must you fight without contemplation?”

“Senior brother Ah Chou, this is not about being brave or strong. I used to live as a walking target, being abused and beaten by novice disciples every day. Then I had sworn to myself, that someday if I have power, I will never allow anyone to trample my dignity again. Senior brother Ah Chou, this self-esteem cannot be bought. I had lost it once, and I can not lose it a second time.” Xiao Han clicked his tongue and said: “Life is short, it’s just like an ephemeral dream, I don’t want to let myself live in regret.”


Hearing Xiao Han’s words, Ah Chou felt ashamed secretly, but immediately replied in concern: “Xiao Han that Wu Yan is Body Purifying Realm middle stage, he has 10 dings strength and has been practicing several martial arts skills. You are not his opponents… How do you prepare now? If you can’t, when you are in the ring and if it become dangerous, just admit defeat directly, it would be considered that the duel is over.”

“10 dings strength?” Xiao Han quickly pondered for a moment, since he had been practicing Golden Immortal Body, those top novice disciples, each one of them approximately had 3 dings strength, but when they hit him, he felt like it only tickled him. Xiao Han really wanted to know if he would be able to resist one or two blows of 10 dings strength from Wu Yan.

Golden Immortal Body was his biggest trump card, and the only card he could rely on right now.

However Xiao Han didn’t intend to tell about his Golden Immortal Body cultivation to anyone, including Ah Chou. He just let out a smile and said: “Senior brother Ah Chou, you shouldn’t worry about me, because I will also act with consideration tomorrow. However you must understand that if I just patiently endured it now and admitted defeat, then I would not be able to hold my head up high for a lifetime. I must walk bravely and fearlessly on my own martial path, even if I have to kill everything that blocks my path. I cannot shrink back, only to regret it for a lifetime”

“Hey, Xiao Han…” Ah Chou helplessly shook his head, “Xiao Han, that Wu Yan, including Yang Lei, Linghu Song and others are senior brother Ling Feiyu’s followers, it wouldn’t be good to offend them.

“Senior brother Ling Feiyu? “Xiao Han was surprised for a moment

“Yes, senior brother Ling Feiyu and senior brother Meng Ran are our Outer Hall’s topmost geniuses. They both are worshipped by all outer disciples in our Outer Hall. They are now in Blood Purifying layer and might be promoted to inner disciple soon.” Ah Chou’s expression was bitter and anxious.

“Recently, Ling Feiyu and Meng Ran are on an adventure in the outside world to gain more experience. I don’t know if they could leap a stage and promote to Zhen Qi realm. Xiao Han, in short, offending Wu Yan and Yang Lei and their group was equal to offending Ling Feiyu, which simply is courting an enormous disaster. Do you know why I dread Wu Yan? That Wu Yan is nothing much, because my cultivation is higher than him who is in Body Purifying middle stage. What I dread is Yang Lei and Ling Feiyu. Yang Lei, this guy is also considered as a young genius, even if his cultivation is only at the Marrow Purifying layer, but once he acts, he will directly kill that person. He’s very ruthless,”

“Good, but I don’t fear any of them.” Xiao Han waved his hands, “He who doesn’t fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor! Some things are better not to think about, the more we think about it, the more that fear will grow, and eventually we will become timid and won’t accomplish anything. So why do I have to think more about that? Brother I will go back first, conserve my strength and build up my power for tomorrow’s duel!”

Xiao Han didn’t want to hear unceasing rambles from Ah Chou anymore, he quickly separated himself and walked directly to his own house.

The moon was now high in the sky.

Xiao Han was still practicing in his training field inside his house.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Han’s whole skeletal bones exuded random explosion sounds. His fists were like hammers and his legs were like axes. Moving swiftly and violently, practicing Bone Refining Bull Fist. He was immersing himself in practice. After practicing this fist style for one session, Xiao Han stopped moving and started to practice the 10 stances of Golden Immortal Body cultivation technique. A strand of heat flow washed away his muscles and bones, and flowed through his whole body, nourishing his body ceaselessly.

Xiao Han wanted to make sure that his physical strength, his state of mind, and his spirit were in the best condition…