DG Ch 13

Chapter 13 – Simply not human

Translated by Udeze


Early morning, Xiao Han climbed up from the bed. He slightly exercised his muscles and bones, as crackling sounds exuded from his entire body, which was filled with energy.

“Good! Today I will be able to find out the potential of my Golden Immortal Body cultivation technique. If I’m unable to cope with a cultivator of intermediate stage of Body Purifying layer, how can I talk about having my revenge on Xue Jianfeng? I shouldn’t even think about it!” Xiao Han quickly got dressed and walked to the garden.

After a little while, Ah Chou ran over and knocked on his door. Xiao Han opened the door and welcomed him in.

Ah Chou’s eyes were bloodshot. He obviously didn’t sleep last night.

“Senior brother Ah Chou, I can see that you’re not in high spirit.” Xiao Han said while laughing.

“I’m fine, it’s nothing. I just didn’t sleep last night.” Ah Chou shook his head and spoke.
“Xiao Han. Frankly, after my face was ruined, in this Outer Hall, all the outer disciples avoided me like I was some kind of snake or scorpion. They looked at me as if I was the star of calamity. This is also the reason why everyone ridicules me, and adds insults to my injury. But I can feel that you don’t look down on me. It’s very difficult to have a friend like you that I can freely talk to, so I don’t want some misfortune to befall upon you.”

“Oh? Senior brother Ah Chou…. You, this… your face originally didn’t look like this?” Xiao Han asked as he frowned.

“How could I have had this face since birth? I tell you now Xiao Han, I was very handsome and elegant in the past. Perhaps the heavens envied my handsomeness, thereby disaster came and transfigured my face… OK, let’s not talk about this.” Ah Chou shook his hand repeatedly.

“Ha-Handsome and elegant?” Xiao Han couldn’t help but laugh. “Uh, good… Senior brother Ah Chou, please lead me to the arena now.”

“Do you really want to go?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I? If I don’t go, then I might as well be a turtle!”

While they were talking, they quickly left the courtyard. Ah Chou immediately led Xiao Han and they headed straight to the arena on one of the mountain peaks.

Halfway up the mountain peak, there were several arenas built from megaliths on the mountainside. With each arena occupying several mu’s of land (1mu= 666m²). These arenas were exactly the place where outer disciples could compare their ability in martial arts with other disciples in this Outer Hall. It was also the place to settle the grudges between them.

The people who practiced martial arts were usually brave and fierce, and these sect disciples were even more so. Once they stood on the arena, they would gamble their fate and disregard their life and death.

At this very moment, thousands of outer disciples had gathered around the arena and converged in groups, which consisted of three or four people. Incessantly discussing with each other about the upcoming duel.

“Today, Wu Yan will have a duel with that walking target Xiao Han, it will be really interesting.”

“What will be interesting? This duel will be completely one sided. It might even be said that Wu Yan will slaughter him easily.”

“Since you feel that it will be boring, why did you come to watch?”

“I just want to see how that walking target dies, hahaha ~~”

“How many moves will that living target last?”

“Did you ask how many moves he will last? One of them is in Bone Refining layer, and doesn’t even have any martial arts techniques. While the other one is in Body Purifying layer’s intermediate stage, and has also mastered some martial arts techniques… The disparity between them is like heaven and earth, like the clouds and mud.”


– Near the arena –

Yang Lei’s hands were crossed behind his back. His manner was very imposing, and the corners of his mouth showed a smile full of contempt and ridicule.

Wu Yan, Linghu Song, and several other outer disciples were crowding around Yang Lei. Wherein there were also two beautiful female disciples among them, laughing. Their voices and faces could mesmerize and captivate people.

“Wu Yan, I’m waiting for you to get revenge for my cousin, Linghu Xuan. You must break each of that walking target’s bones to pieces!” Linghu Song muttered and clenched his teeth.

“Brother Linghu, you can be at ease. That walking target just accidentally had a fortuitous encounter. I can easily crush him with my finger.” Wu Yan grinned hideously. “A couple days ago, we also saw that walking target only had 3 dings strength. He is as weak as a sheep! He won’t even be able to break my body’s defense! He is a total waste.”

At this moment…

“He’s coming! That walking target really came!”

“He really dares to come! I really admire his courage a little bit.”


There were many clamoring noises coming from these outer disciples as they saw Xiao Han and Ah Chou walk closely, side by side, towards the arena.

“Ahahaha~~” Wu Yan’s look was fierce, and he said: “You finally came, I was afraid that you wouldn’t come!”

“Walking target, come up!” Wu Yan jumped into the air and leaped up to the arena, his body tore the air as crackling sounds were heard, and terrifying waves exploded from his body.

“Senior brother Ah Chou, I’ll go to the arena, you wait and watch below.” Xiao Han patted Ah Chou’s shoulder and jumped onto the arena.

Ah Chou’s expression instantly turned solemn…

On the arena…

Xiao Han and Wu Yan stood opposite to each other, separated by dozens of steps.

“You will die a horrible and awful death today!” Wu Yan’s look was ferocious, bloody, and vicious as he smirked as if he was a cat playing with a mouse.

Thousands of outer disciples in the surroundings immediately fixed their eyes on the arena.


Xiao Han’s whole bones exploded with impressive loud sounds, just like dynamites bombing the mountain. His whole body’s muscles and bones exuded explosives sounds as he moved, a sound like a crossbow’s string being shot incessantly sounded from under his skin!

And then, Xiao Han quickly moved as his feet heavily trampled back and forth on the arena’s slabstone floor, it cracked whenever he walked on it, like a raging bull!

“What? This walking target’s muscles and bones are tempered to such an extent?
His Bone Refining Bull Fist unexpectedly is very deep and reached such a degree.”

“Is it even useful? Bone Refining Bull Fist is just the most basic of body refining cultivation method, while Wu Yan has mastered the Giant Python Fist. The style is very fast and cunningly sharp. The might it delivers is far more powerful, several folds that of Bone Refining Bull Fist


“Waste!” Wu Yan roared loudly, and his visceras started to boil as the sounds of winds and thunders indistinctly emitted from his every breath. The sounds transmitted could be heard as far as 5 li! His shout earlier also reverberated to over 5 li distance! ‘Gu gu gu’ sounds incessantly resounding under his flesh, and could be heard faintly by anybody.

Next moment…

Wu Yan twisted and turned his fists as his whole body was shrouded by a kind of cloudy and cold breath. It made the surrounding onlookers feel like a python was crawling and waiting in the thick patches of grass, ready to swallow its prey anytime.

“Giant Python Fist”

Wu Yan shouted as his feet moved with beautiful footwork. His body swung and swayed as he traversed the distance of dozens of steps in an instant.

“What? His speed is really fast!” Xiao Han’s eyes blinked as Wu Yan had arrived near him.

Heavy winds tore the air as it burst when Wu Yan’s right fist struck with a curving path. The fist turned in a circle, like a snake leaving its hole, and quickly hit Xiao Han’s chest from an inconceivable angle!


This strike contained Wu Yan’s 10 dings strength, which was enough to crack open the stone tablet, and it instantly made Xiao Han fly backwards.


Xiao Han heavily fell down on the ground and a man shaped hole on the ground was formed afterwards.

“Oh… Painful…” Xiao Han clenched his teeth as he roared lowly. When Wu Yan’s fist hit his chest a moment ago, Xiao Han felt as if he was struck by lightning. The pain was indescribable as the blood almost spurted out from his chest. However, suddenly a warm heat flowed from his Dantian, it was the unique trait of Golden Immortal Body, it absorbed most part of the force behind the fist, and immediately condensed around the part where his chest was hit.

Xiao Han clearly felt that all his bones became slightly numb as they began to expand!

After several breaths, Xiao Han could sense that the pain was almost gone. His whole body felt as if it was being nourished, filled with force and spirit instead!

Outside the arena…

“Isn’t this kind of too weak? He was just sent flying… Absolutely didn’t have any resistance at all… It’s really boring, completely boring.”

“Wu Yan’s fist should have around 10 dings force, he could kill a great elephant with it. As for that walking target, all his bones must have been broken already, and his life should have extinguished completely.”

“Xiao Han!” Ah Chou panickingly shouted and yelled outside the arena.

On the other side, Yang Lei, Linghu Song, and everyone else around them were laughing relaxedly.

“Hahaha…” Wu Yan laughed evilly, his whole look was fierce and ferocious as he walked towards Xiao Han, and said: “All your bones must be broken right now. If you cry, it will be even more enjoyable.”


Unexpectedly, Xiao Han crawled on the floor with both of his hands, and actually started to get up.

“Huh? How come he could withstand the 10 dings force?” The onlookers under the arena were completely stunned.

“Xiao Han! Quickly admit defeat!” Ah Chou shouted in a shrill voice.

“Damn… Xiao Han was very angry as he glared at Wu Yan with a murderous glare. He walked step by step, sluggishly, as his body exuded random explosion sounds.

“What? You can stand up?” Wu Yan gritted his teeth and moved rapidly, like a snake, before Xiao Han’s body, and hit Xiao Han again with his backhand!


10 dings strength was equal to 10,000 jin. If a person was hit by this kind of force, the sounds would simply be terrifying! Xiao Han flew high into the air in an arc shape, and then hit the ground, cracks in the earth around his body.

“This time he definitely died right?” The outer disciples under the arena were nodding and discussing with each other.
“Did he die? If he still hasn’t died now, then he’s a monster.”

Meanwhile, Xiao Han…

“So painful… Damn, I’m dying from the pain… However, after the pain slightly subsides, it is really refreshing.” The warm heat in Xiao Han’s body was circulating and incessantly grew larger as the Golden Immortal body stimulated to the extreme!

Xiao Han stood once more under the glare of the public’s eyes!

All onlookers were completely shocked!

When Xiao Han was sent flying the first time and was still able to stand up, it was not enough to make people be shocked, at most they were just surprised.

However, after he was sent flying the second time, he could still stand up. This baffled many people.

“Wu Yan, what are you playing at now? Why don’t you kill him quickly?” Yang Lei was extremely discontented and shouted.

His face immediately changed from anger. “Wu Yan really doesn’t have any real ability, can’t even handle this walking target, such a low life, really loathsome… hmph!”

Xiao Han stood up as he spat some blood to the ground. His heart was full of murderous rage as he walked towards Wu Yan once again!


Wu Yan was thoroughly enraged! In the presence of thousands of outer disciples, he had attacked twice, and he had even used his burst explosions and fist style. But unexpectedly, he couldn’t kill a walking target. This made him lose his face greatly!

“Four Python Strikes!”

Wu Yan’s aura drastically rose to the extreme, and he suddenly rushed forward with his fists moving in quick succession, and then connected four strikes on Xiao Han’s body!

‘Four Python Strikes’ was the ‘certain kill’ move in the Python Fist style. The four punches must be performed consecutively. It was particularly used to cut a person’s muscles, break the bones and crush the internal organs. If a person were hit by at least one punch by a cultivator of his realm, it could be said that person’s body would fall apart.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The four fists’ force sent Xiao Han flying for hundreds of steps as he fell directly near the edge of the arena, his body was lying on the ground and didn’t move even one bit.

The surroundings were deadly silent!

Thirty breaths later.

“Haaah~~~ he finally died!” Wu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Yang Lei outside the stage as he wiped his sweat, and said: “Senior brother Yang Lei, I didn’t fail in my task, that walking target is finally dead!”

Who would have imagined that Yang Lei’s expression would drastically change as he glared at the direction behind Wu Yan.

“Huh?” Wu Yan subconsciously turned his head to look.

Just to see that Xiao Han began to crawl on the ground, as his torn clothes fell down in fragments, revealing his horrifying blue swollen bruises on his chest. His hair was disheveled as blood was seen flowing from his mouth, coughing and unceasingly spitting out his blood.

However he really stood, and step by step walked toward Wu Yan! Anger was clearly drawn in his eyes, and his glare was very murderous!

“How? How could that be?” Wu Yan was scared shitless as he suddenly felt an ominous premonition. Wu Yan was also a quite experienced martial artist as he had adventured to all corners of the country. He had once met a peak Body Purifying realm cultivator from a small sect, and sneak attacked with his ‘Four Python Strikes’. That cultivator instantly turned into a bloody paste. He couldn’t believe his eyes, a trivial walking target in Bone Refining layer could still live after being hit by his killing move.

“Roar!” Wu Yan roared as he rushed again towards Xiao Yan! However, people with keen sense and observant eyes could feel that there was a trace of panic and fear in his voice…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang~~~~~~~~~~~

Everyone could see that Wu Yan’s feet and hands were moving like crazy. Continuously hitting Xiao Han viciously, and pressing on hard step by step, which made Xiao Han unceasingly retreat.

This raging-storm-like attack quickly exhausted Wu Yan, and he almost collapsed!
The severely beaten Xiao Han, who had been beaten for hundreds of hits, finally flew backwards and fell on the ground hard.

“This time, that iron man should have been smashed by those fists, it’s impossible for him to stand up again.” All the outer disciples present stared with their eyes opened wide.

Ah Chou was really scared shitless and dumbfounded.

Xiao Han, at this moment, could only think that all his bones were broken; and he felt terrible pain penetrating his heart. His mind was blank.

However, under the nourishing cleansing from the warm energy from his dantian, the pains slowly faded as the warm current became more powerful and gushed out like tidal waves, as it slowly restored Xiao Han’s physical strength and spirit.

“Huff… huff… huff…” Wu Yan breathed heavily as he wiped the unceasing sweat flowing from his forehead.

Wu Yan bent down his waist as he panted, and straightened his legs while he looked at Xiao Han. Seeing that Xiao Han’s was still lying on the ground motionlessly, it seemed that he was really dead.

After a long while…

“Wu Yan, go take a look at whether he has died or not! What a waste! Fighting with a walking target exhausted you that much. I have never seen a trash like you.” Yang Lei unceasingly grunted in anger.

“Senior brother Yang Lei, he must have absolutely died. If he still hasn’t died, then he’s simply not human.” A female disciple replied and smiled.

Wu Yan swallowed his saliva as he cautiously walked towards Xiao Han. His legs were trembling, as he had almost overdrafted his physical strength.

He walked slowly as his eyes stared at the motionless Xiao Han’s body on the ground. Wu Yan muttered to himself: “Dead, he’s definitely dead… he must have definitely died…”

Ten steps, eight steps, five steps…

Wu Yan was about to arrive near Xiao Han’s body.

Just at this moment!

“Shit! It’s really painful! I will kill you!” The motionless Xiao Han, who was lying on the ground, unexpectedly suddenly jumped, and rushed towards Wu Yan like an arrow. His right fist moved in a curve as the ‘bang’ thundering sound followed the fist, and powerfully hit Wu Yan’s chest!

It was so sudden, and coupled with Wu Yan’s overdrafted physical state, it made him unable to avoid the punch!

Moreover, Xiao Han’s strength was far more than 3 dings, with his force suddenly bursting forth, it tore through Wu Yan’s defense as it instantaneously broke Wu Yan’s bones!


Wu Yan instantly sent flying by the punch!

“I will fight you to the death!” Xiao Han spat out a mouthful of blood and rushed forward in a single step as his kick exploded.

“You dare!” Wu Yan crawled and tried to get up from the ground as he furiously dodged Xiao Han’s kick, and sent out a punch from another angle, which directly hit Xiao Han’s stomach!

However this punch was not like his usual punches, there was even less than one third of his usual power and speed, therefore Xiao Yan only trembled slightly as he accurately hit Wu Yan’s chest.

Wu Yan was hit fiercely to such an extent that he was sent flying backward, and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Xiao Han didn’t stop as he savagely sent out several punches and kicks in close succession!

Wu Yan was also kicked and punched in response.

In the blink of an eye, both sides exchanged fists and kicks as they ended up in a close range brawl.

“Absolute idiots and fools!” the outer disciples below the arena were startled, and shouted!

Xiao Han completely disregarded Wu Yan’s kicks and punches as he felt that the force behind Wu Yan’s attacks became less powerful for each attack. It could not pose a threat to him anymore. Xiao Han’s attacks, on the on the other hand, became more powerful and more vigorous as he savagely beat Wu Yan.

Xiao Han at this very moment was really like an evil dragon’s reincarnation, as if he was being possessed by an evil god as he thoroughly abandoned all his defense and was solely pounding and beating Wu Yan!

In a short time, Wu Yan’s face was completely swollen and beaten up like a pig. Both of his eyes were empty, the nose was bleeding, and his teeth were scattered. His speed quickly slowed down as he unceasingly retreated backwards.

“I will kill you! I will kill you! I will kill you!”

Xiao Han kept grinning fiendishly as he kicked Wu Yan like a violent storm.


“Bang!” Wu Yang was finally knocked down to the ground by Xiao Han!

Xiao Han directly sat on Wu Yan’s body as his two fists sent punches unceasingly at Wu Yan, as if he was beating a drum!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wu Yan’s body emitted sounds of bones breaking that burst out from his constantly breaking skeletal bones.

All the onlookers outside the arena were completely shocked and dumbfounded… The scene scared them shitless… Was this walking target still human? He was absolutely a monster beast!

Xiao Han had been punching for over hundred times until he fell down on Wu Yan’s wrecked body, whose muscles, bones, and skin were all completely smashed into a pulp!

The two people laid on the ground, motionless.

The deathly silence engulfed the surroundings, and nobody could speak, as everyone felt suffocated

Time passed by for a very long while…

“Linghu Song, you go up and take a look at Wu Yan, quickly!” Yang Lei’s eyes were twitching unceasingly.

Linghu Song quickly jumped onto the arena as he quickly rushed to the side of Wu Yan, and bent down to look at his condition. He then trembled with fear as he spoke, “Senior brother Yang Lei, Wu Yan… Wu Yan…is already… already dead… beaten into a meat pulp… it’s horrible… so terribly horrible…”

At the same time, Ah Chou also leaped to the arena, and with a tearful shaking voice he said: “Xiao Han, Xiao Han, you… how are you…”

Ah Chou bent and shook Xiao Han’s waist gently.

He could only see Xiao Han’s eyes being tightly shut, he didn’t even seem to breathe.

Linghu Song held Wu Yan’s corpse that had been turned into a bloody paste, and stared viciously at Ah Chou. He leaped down from the arena and went to Yang Lei’s side as he said in a shivering voice, “Senior brother Yang Lei, that walking target shouldn’t be alive either.”

The other outer disciples were absolutely terrified…

“They perished together, unexpectedly perished together. I didn’t think that the walking target was actually so fierce, being knocked down numerous times and still standing up afterwards, and then finally perishing together with Wu Yan. This fellow was simply not human! Absolutely not human! He was completely not human!”

At this moment, above the layers of clouds, a sword light flashed across the sky.

There was a young man standing on the sword light. He wore a silk robe, and his hair was tied with a headband. He also carried a doubled edged sword on his back. His complexion was calm and reserved, he gave off an impeccable sharp and yet powerful aura. He showed a rare smiling expression on his face as he whispered, “Interesting, he’s really interesting.”

There was a young girl in green beside this sword carrying young man, beautiful as jade, and gave off a limpid aura, and her eyes were very bright. She asked: “Senior brother Fang, it is just a fight between two outer disciples, and you looked at it for so long. It’s really boring.”

“That boy is really interesting.” The senior brother Fang showed a happy expression.

“Who? Senior brother Fang, which one did you say was interesting? That boy who was getting beaten so much? Every time he was knocked down, he stood up again. Does senior brother Fang know him?”

“Yes, I have seen him a few months ago, he was a walking target back then. His name was something Han… Oh, that’s right, his name is Xiao Han! Right, he’s called Xiao Han!”

“Ah? A walking target?”

“Hahahaha… Well, Xue Er, I brought some things when I came back from the North Region, you can go to my mountain peak and choose several things you like.”

At this moment, on the arena.

“Xiao Han, Xiao Han…” Ah Chou kept calling.

“Dead is dead, who are you calling, a ghost?” The other outer disciples who heard his crying seemed to be agitated, and directly scolded him.

Just at this time…

“Senior brother Ah Chou, I’m really sorry to trouble you… please carry me back, I… I don’t have any strength anymore.” Xiao Han’s eyes suddenly snapped open and he spoke to Ah Chou.

But when Xiao Han spoke those words, the surrounding was instantly silenced to a deathly stillness…