DG Ch 14

Chapter 14 – Phenomenal Breakthrough

Translated by Udeze


“Oh! Xiao Han, you… You are actually still alive! You are actually still alive!” Hearing Xiao Han speak, Ah Chou squawked and shouted. He really couldn’t believe his ears. Xiao Han, after all, had been beaten by Wu Yan for several hundreds of punches, but he was unexpectedly still alive!

“What?!” Yang Lei also heard Xiao Han’s voice, and his face immediately twisted. His eyes widened as he gasped in amazement.

Every outer disciple who watched the duel could only be stunned and be at a loss for words! It was unbelievable!

“Cough… cough… cough… senior brother Ah Chou… I’m really sorry to trouble you, but could you carry me back…” Xiao Han whispered.

At this very moment, Xiao Han had overexerted his physical power, and he could feel his bones begin to crack. He didn’t even have the power to move his fingers. If it wasn’t for the warm energy that flowed from his dantian and washed his internal organs, muscles, and bones, he would’ve been dead a long time ago. However, he was still alive.

“Good, good, I will carry you back home.” Ah Chou quickly responded, and gently lifted Xiao Han on his back, and without any delay, he sluggishly descended from the arena.

“Make way, please make way!” Ah Chou shouted to the surrounding outer disciples to open up a path.

Those outer disciples subconsciously made a path for Ah Chou, with their eyes tightly locked onto Xiao Han, who was being carried on his back. They couldn’t let out even a single word.

Only when Ah Chou’s figure with Xiao Han on his back finally disappeared from their sight, did these outer disciples wake up from their shocked state.

“How can this be? A walking target in Bone Refining Layer killed Wu Yan, who was in intermediate Body Purifying Realm… and he’s still alive…”

“It seemed like this walking target has some secrets. Wu Yan had punched him for over a hundred times, he exhausted all of his strength. However, he still resisted, and suddenly moved to finally kill Wu Yan. This walking target really has no fear.”

“This walking target fought like a barbarian, trading life for life… Whenever I think about it, it makes me shiver.”

“But, he was beaten by those powerful punches. I don’t know if that ‘walking target’ could still live, perhaps he will die by the time he gets home.”

“Yes, all his internal organs and skeletal bones should’ve been broken to pieces, even if he hasn’t died by sheer good luck, his cultivation should’ve been destroyed…”


“Humph!” At this time, Yang Lei was completely breathless, and his handsome face was murky and grim as he quickly left the arena.

“Senior brother Yang Lei, what now? What do we do now?” Linghu Song asked as he carried Wu Yan’s corpse along, and followed him closely.

“Shut up!” Yang Lei rebuked angrily, he stopped and finally said: “I just don’t believe the walking target can still live! I will just wait and see for now. If he is alive after 3 or 5 days, then I’ll use every means possible to kill him.”

“Senior brother Yang Lei, I think that the walking target is now like a dry oil lamp, he will definitely die. Think about it, although Wu Yan’s cultivation was mediocre, his strength however had reached 10 dings. The walking target had been punched by Wu Yan for several hundred times, he really didn’t die for naught. Such heavy injuries, even a Zhen Qi Realm cultivator couldn’t save him.” Another outer disciple emphasized unceasingly.


Ah Chou cautiously carried Xiao Han on his back as he walked back to Xiao Han’s courtyard.

Xiao Han laid flat on his bed with both his eyes tightly shut.

“Xiao Han, you rest first, I’m going to look for a medicinal pill to cure your wounds, and when I obtain it, I’ll return immediately.” Ah Chou said hurriedly.

“Senior brother Ah Chou.” Xiao Han opened his eyes as he spoke: “I feel much better now. I don’t need any medicinal pills. You just go back, and let me rest for a while.”

“Xiao Han, your injuries are very severe…”

“It’s alright, senior brother Ah Chou, you just go back first.” Xiao Han quickly interrupted Ah Chou.

“Huh?” Ah Chou’s eyes widened as he looked at Xiao Han.

“Senior brother Ah Chou, don’t worry I will be all right.” Xiao Han nodded slightly to Ah Chou: “Please just go back.” Xiao Han then closed his eyes.

“That… Then I’ll sit in your courtyard for a while, and Xiao Han, if you need anything, just call me …” Ah Chou said, and slowly walked back and went out.

At this moment, the warm energy within Xiao Han’s dantian grew unceasingly, and automatically nourished all the wounds on his body. Moreover, Xiao Han felt that for every hit he received from Wu Yan, the energy was partly absorbed by his Golden Immortal Body circulation. Although it was unbearably painful, it was actually converted to a warm energy. This made the energy grow more powerful, and also strengthened his bones. Xiao Han clearly felt those powerful hits, but used that as a type of quenching method as it tempered all his muscles, skin, and bones. It could be said that it also forced out the rest of the impurities within his muscles and bones as it became more refined. Like eliminating impurities and retaining the pureness.

A warm energy circulated endlessly within Xiao Han’s body as it washed all the parts of his body in a continuous flow. It made Xiao Han deeply enjoy the sensation of bathing in a medicinal hot spring. It was warm and made him slightly dizzy, sluggish, and sleepy, as the warm energy gradually healed his physical injuries. Unconsciously, Xiao Han drowned in a comfortable sensation as he quickly fell asleep.

It was unknown for how long, but Ah Chou cautiously walked in, only to find that Xiao Han had unexpectedly fallen asleep. Ah Chou was quite shocked as he stood like a statue, dumbfounded, and muttered: “Xiao Han’s injuries may indeed…indeed have healed… this fellow is really extremely tenacious.”

A couple hours later…

Xiao Han opened his eyes as he could feel that his breath was smooth and clear. Some of his strength had been restored, and he could slightly move his hands and feet as the unbearable pain he felt before was almost gone, leaving behind only slight aches.

“Haha… this Golden Immortal Body gave me a marvelous ability!” Xiao Han was overjoyed and sat up.

“Xiao Han, you…!” Ah Chou who just came in, saw Xiao Han was sitting, and his complexion was much better. The originally swelling cheeks had subsided, and the only thing remaining were light blue-greenish traces. Ah Chou was thoroughly dumbfounded as he could hardly believe it.

“Haha, senior brother Ah Chou, sorry for troubling you before, I’m really all right now.” Xiao Han replied with a smile.

“No… this… are you really alright? Xiao Han, you are simply a monster! I… I have never seen someone like you, never heard any…” Ah Chou spoke in a stuttered voice.

“Alright, alright, senior brother Ah Chou. You don’t need to make such a fuss. I was a walking target before, and I had to endure extreme beatings every day, therefore my flesh became very rough and thick. It also tempered my body to endure any physical impact, and my recovery is also quicker than that of an ordinary person, this is nothing remarkable.” Xiao Han replied casually.

Immediately, Xiao Han shifted the topic and spoke calmly, “Oh right, senior brother Ah Chou, could you take me to the Martial Arts Pavilion tomorrow?”

“What? Do you want to go to the Martial Arts Pavilion to choose a martial arts technique? Have your wounds really healed?” Ah Chou swallowed his saliva as he replied.

“I naturally must choose a martial arts technique.” Xiao Han replied seriously and continued, “From today’s fight with Wu Yan, I realized the importance of a martial arts technique. Wu Yan must have learned some fist style, because when he hit me, I couldn’t even dodge. That fist style was really powerful.”

“That fist style was nothing much, it was the ‘Giant Python Fist’, an ordinary martial arts fist style.” Ah Chou subconsciously replied and shortly added, “Xiao Han, because you hadn’t learnt any martial arts technique, and only had a Body Refining cultivation method, the ‘Bone Refining Bull Fist’, as your foundation, that was the reason you were overwhelmed by Wu Yan’s ‘Giant Python Fist’.”

“That’s why I can’t wait to choose a martial arts technique. Moreover, I must start to practice a Body Purifying cultivation method, and I really need to learn the particular Body Purifying breathing technique. After all, promoting my own strength is the most important thing.” Xiao Han replied quickly. He truly realized from today’s duel that he only won because of sheer luck. Under Wu Yan’s ‘Giant Python Fist’ attack, he couldn’t fight back. If it wasn’t for the melee brawl, and the resilience given by the Golden Immortal Body, which resulted in Wu Yan’s physical exertion, he would really have had no chance of winning the duel.

Wu Yan’s strength was only 10 dings, and Xiao Han with the Golden Immortal Body could only endure the beatings, which also gave him severe injuries here and there. It could be said that he narrowly escaped death. If Wu Yan’s strength was 2 or 3 dings more, Xiao Han can’t guarantee that he wouldn’t have been killed on the spot.

“Damn, the duel before was like gambling with my own life. I shiver as I recall it. It seems that I must quickly learn a martial arts technique and practice the Body Purifying cultivation method, because I can’t continue to act this rashly, otherwise I will die in the future.” Xiao Han secretly thought.

“Also…” Ah Chou looked at Xiao Han, “Xiao Han, each Outer Hall has a large number of outer disciples, it is impossible to go to the Martial Arts Pavilion at the same time. Therefore, there is a fixed schedule for each Outer Hall to visit the Martial Arts Pavilion, and tomorrow is exactly our Outer Hall’s turn. If you don’t go to the pavilion tomorrow, then you must wait until next month.”

“Then, it’s even more pressing that I go!” Xiao Han was somewhat excited as he patted his thigh.
“Okay, senior brother Ah Chou, it’s fine if you leave now, come and fetch me in the morning.”

Ah Chou stayed for a while as he ensured that Xiao Han’s injuries had really recovered, then he left.

A long while after Ah Chou left… Late into the night…

Under the bright moon, at the training field in one of an outer disciples’ residence.

Xiao Han’s upper body was naked as he stood motionlessly.

The next moment…


Loud explosions broke out from Xiao Han’s body as they reverberated in the surrounding area like an ancient beast that was roaring, and moved 10 layers of clouds.

“Roar! Humph! Huff!”

Xiao Han started to practice his Bone Refining Bull Fist first. He was like a dragon or a tiger as explosions were unceasingly heard from his bones like firecrackers. He stamped on the ground and moved fast, his fist’s power was like a mountain, and with his heavy legs he tore the air.

A set of Bone Refining Bull Fist had been exercised, Xiao Han now stood like a motionless mountain as the air around him swirled violently which made the sand and stones fly high as howling winds carried along the thundering sounds.

“Bang!” The sound of bone explosions.

“I never thought that my Bone Refining Layer would be enhanced again, I unexpectedly reached 280 explosions. It seems that my power increased again.” Xiao Han wiped the corner of his mouth, and couldn’t hide his happiness.

280 bone explosions!

Xiao Han allocated several hours to heal his wounds, and it seemed that all of them had thoroughly healed now.

After the fierce duel with Wu Yan today, most of his severe injuries had healed now, and it could be said that Xiao Han unexpectedly reaped a great benefit from the fight. His aura was more consolidated, and his physical prowess was much more powerful and solid. All his muscles, skin, bones, and flesh were as if they turned into iron and steel!

“Haha, the 10 dings power from that bastard Wu Yan was like giving me resources to forge my body from iron into steel. The beatings I received actually forced out the remaining impurities in my body, and improved my body phenomenally once again! I believe that my power is approaching 9 dings now! It is not much different from a cultivator of the intermediate stage of Body Purifying Realm! Great, It is really great!”

Under the moonlight, Xiao Han scrutinized his own body, the swellings and bruises had almost returned back to normal, and only a few light traces were left. His skin had become smoother and brighter like jade. He could feel that his body was filled with inexhaustible explosive force. The warm energy released from his dantian because of his Golden Immortal Body cultivation, and it unceasingly circulated in his body and filled his body with an inexhaustible vigor and vitality.