DG Ch 15

Chapter 15 – Deacon Leng

Translated by Udeze


The next morning, Xiao Han got out of the bed, moved, and checked the condition of his muscles and bones. It seemed that his body had fully recovered. He no longer appeared weak and spiritless.

Ah Chou came looking for Xiao Han.

“Senior brother Ah Chou, you came.” Xiao Han greeted him with a smile.

“Have you really recovered?” Ah Chou was really dumbfounded as he subconsciously patted Xiao Han’s shoulder. However, Ah Chou didn’t probe any further. There were many cultivators in the Cloud and Rain Sect, and which one of them didn’t have secrets? Asking more about their secrets would only be asking for trouble!

“Oh, I’m really alright. Senior brother Ah Chou, take me to the Martial Arts Pavilion now.” Xiao Han rubbed his hands and replied.

“OK, let’s go. I will take you there right away. Anyway, I also want a movement type martial arts technique. I have been saving zhenwu coins for several months, I hope it’s enough to borrow that martial arts manual.” Ah Chou spoke to Xiao Han along the way.

“Huh? Senior brother Ah Chou, do we need zhenwu coins to borrow a manual?” Xiao Han asked surprised.

“Yes, Xiao Han. Outer disciples can borrow the first level books for free, but starting from the second level, they must spend zhenwu coins to borrow one.” Ah Chou answered in serious tone, “And today, the book I want to borrow is the martial arts movement style ‘Wind Riding Step’. After successfully practicing it, my speed will greatly improve, like a flying goose. It was most suited for escaping and maintaining your life. However, this manual is very expensive, as it costs 200 zhenwu coins. But, Xiao Han, your first martial arts manual is free, so you must select it carefully. Choose a martial arts style that will suit you the most.”

“Ah! So it’s like this” Xiao Han was speechless.

“Therefore, among the outer disciples, only a few disciples would teach their martial arts style to other disciples. After all, they spent many zhenwu coins to borrow the manual, so why would they easily give it to others? They would either exchange it for a martial arts style with the same value or give it to those they have a close relationship with.” Ah Chou explained with a smile.

“Xiao Han, relax! We are good friends. I previously learnt the ‘Giant Wood Palm’. It’s power is like a heavy a mountain. And it is very efficient to inflict injuries on internal organs. I will pass this martial arts style to you in private.

“Oh, many thanks for that senior brother Ah Chou. However, I’m eager to go to the Martial Arts Pavilion to look for the manual first. Perhaps I can find a suitable martial arts technique for me to practice.” Xiao Han said and expressed his thanks.

“Xiao Han, the Martial Arts Pavilion is on another mountain peak. I’ll first guide you across the mountain.” Ah Chou led the way as he spoke.

They arrived at the location.

At that moment…

“What? How is this possible?! Am I dreaming? That… that walking target! He didn’t… didn’t die! Moreover… Moreover, he is also here, strolling and blatantly showing off!”

“His wound has fully recovered! In one night, his injuries have healed! How could he be this strong? Can he really not be killed? Is it possible that he is a reincarnation of a ferocious beast?”

“It is true! That is Xiao Han, that walking target. Look at his face and calm expression, it’s like he wasn’t injured at all”


Along the way, all the outer disciples who saw them, stopped around Xiao Han. They were shouting with their eyes filled with astonishment and puzzled expressions.

“Xiao Han, you have become famous now in our Outer Hall. You have truly become famous.” Ah Chou winked at Xiao Han.

“Wu Yan, who was in intermediate stage of Body Purifying Realm, had savagely punched you several hundred times, but still couldn’t kill you. Instead, he collapsed and was killed by you. Moreover, you only needed one night to fully recover, and appeared in front of so many outer disciples in a perfect condition. Even if you wanted to reject it, it would be very difficult for you to not become famous! It’s very possible that your reputation may have spread to the other ten Outer Halls!”

“I really don’t care about that. Right now, I just want to fully devote myself to improving my cultivation and practice martial arts.” Xiao Han replied indifferently.


In Yang Lei’s courtyard.

Yang Lei was sitting in the garden as he held a cup of fragrant tea. He calmly sipped the tea and savored the taste. His brows stretched and opened as his whole gesture was like a firm mountain.

“Senior brother Yang Lei! Bad news! It’s really bad news!”

Linghu Song hurriedly entered the courtyard. He yelled repeatedly with a bewildered and anxious expression.

“Linghu Song, relax, it’s still early in the morning. Why are you shouting like you have seen a ghost?” Yang Lei’s expression changed to one of great displeasure.

“Senior brother Yang Lei, that walking target…that walking target…” Linghu Song stuttered.

“Died?” Yang Lei smiled, whilst narrowing his eyes. “I’m very sure that he suffered last night. Oh well, he died. If he didn’t die then Wu Yan’s death would be for naught.”

“He hasn’t… Hasn’t died… Senior brother Yang Lei, he hasn’t died! Not only is he still alive, but he was also… also walking around today. He was swaggering around the place…” Linghu Song licked his dry upper lip as he gesticulated the news.


The teacup in Yang Lei’s hand fell, and smashed after it hit the floor. He abruptly stood up, pointed at Linghu Song and said: “Linghu Song, you dare to speak bullshit? Is your brain still working well? With such injuries, how can he come out and walk about? Do you think I’m a 3 year old kid?”

“Senior brother Yang Lei, would I dare to deceive you? This morning, numerous outer disciples saw him with their own eyes. That walking target and Ah Chou walked together towards the Martial Arts Pavilion. They happily spoke and laughed all the way there, like they had successfully gained something. It was really hateful!” Linghu Song replied with the corner of his mouth raised, “Senior brother Yang Lei, I have always been loyal and devoted to you and Senior brother Ling Feiyu. I wouldn’t dare lie.”

Yang Lei stared into Linghu Song’s eyes, and shouted loudly: “Prepare my horse! I will immediately head to the Martial Arts Pavilion! That walking target is really strange, I can’t let him smoothly choose a martial arts style from there!”


Ah Chou was really like an old horse which had already memorized the way. He lead Xiao Han over the hills and dales to finally arrive at one of the verdantly luxurious mountain peak lingering within the fog. Halfway up to the mountain side, an ancient and beautiful pagoda stood in the middle of lush greeneries in the surroundings.

“Xiao Han, this is the Martial Arts Pavilion.” Ah Chou told Xiao Han as he pointed at the Pagoda building.

“Great! I’m finally able to pick my martial arts technique! Senior brother Ah Chou, let’s hurry!” Xiao Han was excited and walked faster.


In the Martial Arts Pavilion.

The Martial Arts Pavilion was a special place to store the many martial arts manuals. On special occasions, it was opened by Cloud Rain Sect’s martial ancestors for all outer disciples and inner disciples which had gained merits, and were rewarded by allowing them to borrow various rare martial arts manuals. However, Zhen Qi Realm cultivators didn’t pick their martial arts manuals from this place.

The Martial Arts Pavilion was built in the shape of a pagoda, it was six stories high, and contained all kinds of martial arts manuals in the sect. Rare manuals for body refining, fist styles, palm styles, body movements, leg styles; and weapon styles such as swords and spears. Other weapon styles were also available. It was really a huge treasure vault.

At this time, many outer disciples had queued in a line and orderly entered Martial Arts Pavilion.

Outside the Martial Arts Pavilion, there was a square made from white jade. A green robed old man was standing there. His look was fierce, with eagle like eyes, and his hands crossed behind his back. With only one glance, it was obvious that this old man was at least at the peak of Body Purifying Realm, a very powerful cultivator.

Suddenly a red haired horse speeded away from the mountain road, and headed straight into the white jade square, lightning fast. The rider abruptly stopped the horse, and immediately jumped and stood straight. He spoke to the old man in the green robe, “Deacon Leng.”

The green robed old man showed a faint smile: “Yang Lei, do you come to borrow a martial arts manual? Then you can directly enter. I heard that Feiyu boy went to the Scale Dragon Sea because he is attempting to break through his cultivation bottleneck by perceiving the sea natural laws. I don’t know if he will be able to break through this barrier. If he were to be successful, he would enter the Zhen Qi Realm. That Feiyu boy is really a peerless talent far above other people, he is even stronger than many inner disciples, I really favor him.”

“Deacon Leng, do you have the time for us to speak?” Yang Lei whispered.

“Oh?” Deacon Leng seemed to be slightly surprised. He quickly nodded and replied: “Come with me!”

They walked together and headed straight into the Martial Arts Pavilion.

At a table near the window at the first floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion.

“What? A walking target who was promoted to an outer disciple? I have heard about this matter.” Deacon Leng nodded in reply to Yang Lei, “And, do you want to make things difficult for this walking target?”

“Deacon Leng, that walking target will immediately visit here to borrow a standard martial arts manual…” Yang Lei took a jade box from his bosom as he kept his reserved manner, and gave it to the deacon. “My meaning is… a walking target is only a worthless person, so why should he have any virtues or rights to have any martial arts skill?”

“Yang Lei, you also know our sect’s rule, the walking target who can become an outer disciple would still be recorded and regarded as an outer disciple. And since one of the chancellors who manage this Outer Hall had given his consent for this matter, then he should have the same rights and status. In that case, I don’t have any reasons to make things difficult for him. There is no other way but to let him pick his martial arts manual. This request… puts me in difficult position. And even if you insist, I couldn’t take the risk.” Deacon Leng received the jade box and gently opened it. In seconds, a rich medicine fragrance emitted! He saw a thumb-sized fine quality ginseng, which was strangely and indistinctly shaped like a dragon!

“What? An Azure Dragon ginseng?” Deacon Leng’s complexion changed.

“This was given to me as a gift from senior brother Ling Feiyu. Taking it will solidify a cultivator’s Yuan Qi. This is my gratitude to you Deacon Leng!” Yang Lei said with a smile.

Deacon Leng gently closed the box, then tapped the table’s surface with his fingers. After several breaths, he patted his forehead, “Okay, I’ll help you this time, and it’s also equal to giving Feiyu face. An inexperienced walking target, even if I deceive him, he wouldn’t find out about it.”

Then, Deacon Leng bent his waist, and took some ancient parchment from under the table’s leg which had various characters written on it.

The parchment was palm-sized, creased, and was fully stained with thick dust. It seemed like it was placed under the table’s leg.

“Deacon Leng, this is…?” Yang Lei spoke with a confused expression.

Deacon Leng blew the parchment, and the dusts flew upwards, “This parchment was obtained in the past from an ancient ruin vestige by my ancestor who was a Zhen Qi Realm cultivator, and gave it to the sect as his contribution. However, after getting appraised from numerous masters from the sect, nobody could find out about the contents. This parchment originated from an ancient time, and it seems that it was used to reserve and wrap another ancient object. But it is certainly not some kind of martial arts style, neither is it a treasure map. Afterwards, this parchment passed through many places, and was finally stored in this Martial Arts Pavilion’s vault. Also, some outer disciples at first mistakenly picked this parchment as a precious manual, and eagerly borrow this parchment to research it… and… haha, there were also some Zhen Qi Realm elites who borrowed this parchment, and achieved nothing. But, what ability could those outer disciples have to be able to study this parchment? Gradually, this parchment was deemed worthless, so I used it as table leg pad for several years.”

“Oh?” Yang Lei cautiously received the parchment with two fingers. He could see that the parchment had been severely corroded. There was no writing above, but a faint and vague picture could be seen from it. However, this picture’s lines seemed to have already been exposed to the wind and frost for years. The picture was so vague, it was very hard to even guess and distinguish what shape the picture was.

“That walking target will never realize and understand this parchment. I think it would be a good excuse to give him this parchment, and let him study it. We will see whether he can practice some kind of peerless and marvelous ability from it.” Deacon Leng excitedly said. “If I were to forbid him from choosing his standard martial arts manual, this would violate the customs. If it is found out by the higher ups, they will punish me for neglecting my duty. However, because I give this ‘peerless’ martial arts manual from ancient times to him, it would be very ‘advantageous’ for him.”

“Hahahaha… The way Deacon Leng handles this matter is really flawless! Hahahaha! I also want to take a look, whether walking target can learn any peerless ability from this parchment… Haha…” Yang Lai loudly laughed in mocking tone. His heart finally relaxed as the knot in his chest was finally solved.

At this moment, the corner of Yang Lei’s eyes swept. He could see Xiao Han and Ah Chou leisurely walking in the square.

“That walking target’s vitality is truly amazing. His injuries have fully recovered! It’s really hateful!” A hidden killing intent flashed through Yang Lei’s eyes. “But, I will always have the means to make your life difficult and troubled! Once someone annoys me, their life and death are in my hands!”

“Deacon Leng, that walking target has arrived.” Yang Lei pointed his hand to a figure below.

“Good. Yang Lei, you leave first. I’ll go down and personally handle this.” Deacon Leng took the jade box from Yang Lei, as well as the parchment, and placed it in his bosom as he stood up.