DG Ch 16

Chapter 16 – God Emperor Fist

Translated by Udeze


Xiao Han and Ah Chou arrived at the Martial Arts Pavilion and stood on the white jade square.

“Xiao Han, this is the Martial Arts Pavilion.” Ah Chou explained.

Xiao Han looked at the six storey tall Martial Arts Pavilion. It gave off an ancient as well as a civilized atmosphere. He couldn’t help but nod repeatedly. He said: “Senior brother Ah Chou, in this Martial Arts Pavilion there should be countless martial arts manuals that have been collected. These manuals must have produced many supreme cultivators.”

“Ah, it is all thanks to our Cloud Rain Sect’s ancestors’ efforts, who gathered those manuals for thousands of years. Let’s enter.” Ah Chou replied.

At this time…

A green robed old man with a fierce expression and eagle like eyes walked towards them with vigorous and mighty steps. He came from inside the Martial Arts Pavilion.

“Xiao Han, this is Deacon Leng. He is a new Blood Purifying Layer cultivator. He is the manager of this Martial Arts Pavilion. His status is very high. Numerous disciples, whether outer disciples or inner disciples, have to curry favors with him…” Ah Chou whispered to Xiao Han. But he was slightly surprised, “Uh… Deacon Leng… isn’t coming towards us… is…is… is he?”

Ah Chou’s voice had just dropped as Deacon Leng arrived in front of him and Xiao Han.

Xiao Han instantly felt a huge pressure on his body.

“Are you Xiao Han?” Deacon Leng let out a smile and asked Xiao Han. His appearance was pleasing to the eyes, but a teasing expression flashed through his eyes.

“Ah? Yes, this disciple is Xiao Han.” Xiao Han quickly nodded. He was surprised and alarmed… He had heard from Ah Chou that this Deacon Leng wasn’t someone simple. So, why would he take the initiative to speak to him?

Ah Chou beside him was also confused, but he didn’t dare to make a sound.

“Oh, Xiao Han, I know about you because the Outer Hall’s chancellor had informed me about your matter. You are here to choose your martial arts manual right?” said Deacon Leng as he narrowed his eyes.

“Yes.” Xiao Han awkwardly replied.

“Well, good, Xiao Han you are still a teenager but you are good. The chancellor said that you are promising.” Deacon Leng nodded repeatedly. “You have been promoted from a walking target to an outer disciple. It must have been hard, not to mention achieving mastery on the martial arts path is really difficult. Your case is extremely rare, not only in our Cloud Rain Sect, even amongst the five major sects in this empire. Therefore, this manager thinks that you will rapidly rise in the future. You may even enter the Zhen Qi Realm later.”

”Uh…” Deacon Leng’s high praise made Xiao Han somewhat confused and completely puzzled. Everyone knew that after Xiao Han entered the Outer Hall, he suffered from ridicule, indifferences and taunts. He had never heard such a ridiculous praise like that of Deacon Leng.

However, Xiao Han felt that the Deacon Leng’s tone was somewhat false.

“What is he up to?” Xiao Han was puzzled.

“Therefore, this manager will personally explain the Outer Hall’s rules about choosing a martial arts manual for outer disciples.” Deacon Leng continued speaking in a serious tone.

Deacon Leng’s eyes immediately glanced at Ah Chou, and indifferently said: “Are you also borrowing a secret martial arts manual?”

“Yes, yes, this disciple is also accompanying Xiao Han.” Ah Chou replied in an anxious tone.

“Then you go in.” Deacon Leng told Ah Chou.

“Deacon Leng, this disciple will wait for junior brother Xiao Han, so that we enter together.” Ah Chou replied to Deacon Leng’s cold manner with a smile.

“Eh?” Deacon Leng’s eyes flashed. A fierce and displeased expression was shown on his face as he stared directly into Ah Chou’s eyes. “You go in first. This manager will receive Xiao Han and explain the rules personally.”

Ah Chou’s whole body shivered. He didn’t dare to disobey. He looked at Xiao Han pitifully, then headed straight into the Martial Arts Pavilion alone.

Xiao Han clearly felt that things were getting very strange.

“Xiao Han, you listen well, this manager will tell you about the Martial Arts Pavilion’s customs.” Deacon Leng spoke seriously.

“Deacon Leng, please speak, this disciple is listening.” Xiao Han didn’t say much. However, he was secretly contemplating about the schemes the Deacon Leng might have planned.

“Xiao Han, the Martial Arts Pavilion is divided into six layers. The manuals on the first floor are the most basic and lowest grade martial arts techniques; such as the ‘Eagle Claw’, ‘Iron Armored Body’, ‘Iron Sand Palm’, ‘Mantis Fist’, ‘White Tiger Fist’, ‘Gale Step’, ‘Tearing Kick’…. These are the lowest grade martial arts techniques that you could freely choose as a new outer disciple.”

“The second floor contains advanced martial arts techniques, such as the ‘Great Python Fist’, ‘Riding the Wind Step’, ‘Light Willow Flower Palm’, ‘Devil’s Claw’, ‘Breaking Gold Finger’, ‘Endless Hatred Kick’… and so on… All martial arts techniques in the second floor are killing arts, since they produce powerful strikes. It is also easy to modify the technique later, but a certain foundation is needed for it to be practiced. And starting from this second floor, zhenwu coins are needed to borrow the manuals.”

“The third floor is the location of the secret manuals for weapon techniques. Various kinds of techniques for Sabers, Swords, Spears, Staffs, etc… Our Cloud Rain Sect’s ancestors made a few rules. One, all inner disciples in the sect must reach Marrow Purifying Layer in Body Purifying Realm before they can use a weapon. Weapons are difficult to control, if the disciple’s cultivation level wasn’t enough then a backlash could occur, and that would be disadvantageous for them.”

“As for the fourth, fifth, and sixth floor, your present cultivation level is insufficient, therefore this manager won’t tell you about them.”

Deacon Leng casually explained.

Deacon Leng didn’t wait for a response from Xiao Han as he then quickly changed the subject, “Xiao Han, I think that you’re a very promising youth. You are like a high quality uncut jade. I also think that you will become a great cultivator in the future, and thus raise the Cloud Rain Sect’s reputation. Therefore, I’m preparing to cultivate you myself in private.”
[All that fake sweetness is making me vomit. It’s like he’s trying to court him.]

As Deacon Leng approached Xiao Han, he intentionally deepened his tone. “Outer disciples have one free opportunity to pick a martial arts technique. However, they would only be permitted to choose the lowest grade martial arts technique. And since you, Xiao Han, is a God-given rare talent, how could I allow you to waste your time practicing those basic martial arts techniques? Wouldn’t this only be wasting the gifts from the heavens? And make your aptitude and intelligence be wasted? Therefore, this manager prepared a peerless cultivation and martial arts technique for you. As long as you have good insight and can comprehend this technique, your achievement in the future will be limitless! Even becoming invincible in this world is not impossible!”

“What? Peerless martial arts technique? Unmatched in the world?” Xiao Han couldn’t help but blurt out a shout. He was really surprised, he even got goosebumps. Deacon Leng’s words were too much. Xiao Han clearly felt ridiculed, and could also feel that he was being an object of mockery and jokes from the deacon’s tone. Xiao Han was obviously aware about his standings and aptitudes. How could he be a high quality uncut jade? Where did the status of god-given rare talent suddenly suddenly come from? Also, what was this peerless martial arts technique? Besides, how could he obtain this peerless technique so easily, much less, becoming invincible in this world. Such nonsensical talk.

“Deacon Leng, please don’t play jokes on this disciple.” Xiao Han replied, speechless.

Xiao Han wasn’t a fool. At this moment, from Deacon Leng’s words and gestures, he could clearly guess that a scheme was about to unfold, with him being the target.

“It’s OK, Xiao Han, you don’t need to be so modest. My appraisal about someone is usually very accurate.” Deacon Leng quickly pulled out a parchment from his chest. There were several charts drawn on the paper, as well as several simple mnemonics. “Xiao Han, this is our Cloud Rain Sect’s breathing technique for practicing in the Body Purifying Realm. You take this. According to these mnemonics, practicing this breathing technique will temper your internal organs, and will purify them. You must also take a Body Purifying Pill to aid with your cultivation. That way you can breakthrough into Body Purifying Realm, and temper your body further.”

“Oh…” Xiao Han received the parchment, looking at it and put it into the sleeve of his arm.

Shortly afterward, Deacon Leng intentionally let out a whisper in a mysterious tone: “Xiao Han, I will now give you that peerless martial arts technique.”

Then, Deacon Leng took out a palm-sized shabby parchment and handed it to Xiao Han: “Take this. This martial arts technique originated from the ancient times, if you could comprehend even a bit of it, then you can enjoy endless success later.”

Xiao Han subconsciously received the parchment, took a glance, and a violent rage surged from his heart.

He could see that this parchment was very shabby and full of dirt, it even gave birth to green mold. It had an indescribable smell which could choke someone’s nose. The parchment itself had no text written on it. Only some picture’s outlines, which were already badly corroded, and could only be seen vaguely.

Xiao Han instantly understood Deacon Leng’s sinister intention. Originally, this deacon didn’t want to give him a chance to enter the Martial Arts Pavilion by himself, therefore he wanted to deceive him with this worthless thing.

Xiao Han held back his rage with great difficulty, and he said: “Deacon Leng, this disciple’s intelligence is bad, therefore it would be unlikely that this disciple could perceive this peerless technique even if it took a lifetime. Well, this disciple wants to start from the most basic martial arts technique first. Even a ten thousand feet building must be built from a solid foundation. Disciple wants to have a more solid foundation.”

Then, Xiao Han gave the parchment back to Deacon Leng.

Deacon Leng crossed his hands on his chest. A fierce and hideous expression covered his face. He grinned fiendishly: “Xiao Han, are you trying to undermine me? This manager intended to cultivate you, but you… you disregarded my good intention, and unexpectedly regarded it as an evil intention!”

Deacon Leng fiercely stared at Xiao Han. A huge pressure instantly enveloped Xiao Han: “Young man, this manager advises you this once! Don’t put yourself in a difficult position! Otherwise… this manager has the rights and the means to beat you, a trivial outer disciple, with only a few words.”

“Deacon Leng, you’re handing me this broken and shabby paper?” Xiao Han clenched his fists tightly. Hatred surged from his heart. “Isn’t doing this a violation of the sect’s custom?”

“Xiao Han, this peerless martial arts technique had been borrowed by a lot of outer and inner disciples. However, their perception wasn’t good enough, and they could’t comprehend the profoundness of this peerless technique. This manager sees that your bone root is excellent, therefore, comprehending this peerless technique would be a rare opportunity for you. But you’re implying that I have evil intentions toward you? You really have big courage! You have committed a huge crime by defying your senior!”

Xiao Han was now directly labeled as defying the superior.

At this time…


Xiao Han’s heart started throbbing!

The mysterious thing lying dormant in Xiao Han’s heart burst out, and emitted a rattling and cracking sound, like an egg shell being broken. It was like something was shaking and trying to break free from its shackles, and lifting up a seal. It gave off a profound and mysterious sensation.

For a little while, Xiao Han’s heart was beating like a drum, a zither was being played together with it, and it created a heavenly music intermittently…

In his spiritual vision, a wonderful mist gushed out from his heart, like portending a heavenly phenomenon, and emitted an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

“Ah?!” Xiao Han felt a gigantic earthquake in his head, and this made his mind tremble! He looked at Deacon Leng with a complexion full of horror, alarmed and panicking.

However, Deacon Leng was completely unaware of the spiritual vision outbreak from Xiao Han’s heart. He only stared viciously at Xiao Han, with sinister eyes, as if he was in the process of brewing various conspiracies, intrigues and evil schemes.

“Huh? He is unable to see it, and also doesn’t hear the sound of this heavenly phenomenon that was bursting out from my heart?” Xiao Han took a deep heavy breath, relieved.

After 15 seconds…

The parchment in Xiao Han’s hand unexpectedly emitted a divine light. Shortly after, countless runes shone, and a strange gigantic divine light completely enveloped Xiao Han’s body.

In front of such a scene, Xiao Han was recalling the scene when he first acquired the Golden Immortal Body cultivation method. It was exactly the same as the present situation.

Xiao Han stared dumbfoundedly as his eyes turned wide. He looked at the parchment in his hands, his lips dried and a stormy wave filled his heart.
“Don’t tell me… This parchment… is also… also… also a treasure…”

Impressively, several writings appeared on the broken and decayed parchment. A gorgeous light rippled and created another wave of light. This divine light instantly filled Xiao Han’s sea of consciousness, and started to condense in an overbearing momentum…

“God Emperor Fist.”

“Xiao Han!” Deacon Leng’s harsh voice pulled Xiao Han back from his shocked and mesmerized state.

Xiao Han almost subconsciously jumped from excitement as he placed the parchment into his arm’s sleeve. His spiritual vision abruptly pulled back, and the mysterious phenomenon vanished in instant.

“Have you considered it? This peerless technique, do you think you can understand it or not?” Deacon Leng’s complexion darkened as he looked at Xiao Han with a displeased expression.

Xiao Han licked his dried lips. He could barely contain the excitement within his heart as he then intentionally made his body tremble, showing his anxious expression, and heaved a sigh: “Yes… Deacon Leng, since you have a good will to cultivate this disciple, I think I will go back first and diligently study this peerless technique fully…”

“Hahaha!” Deacon Leng laughed loudly: “Good, good! Xiao Han, this manager really hasn’t misread you! Well, you go back first. Remember, practice well, take your pills, and accumulate your qi. Before you can really comprehend this peerless martial arts technique, don’t return to this Martial Arts Pavilion. One shouldn’t have too many martial arts techniques. In the truest sense, you only need to fully master one martial arts technique until you can achieve its ‘Great Perfection’, before you learn another martial arts technique. Oh, the Martial Arts Pavilion’s upper floors are also opened for this purpose. You will be able to borrow another from the upper floor later, but on the premise that you have successfully practiced this peerless martial arts technique first.”

“Good. Deacon Leng, when I have successfully practiced this martial arts technique, I’ll remember to thank you for your assistance.” Xiao Han’s gave the courtesy gesture.

At this time, Ah Chou also came out from the Martial Arts Pavilion. He went straight to Xiao Han’s side and looked at Deacon Leng. He then whispered to Xiao Han: “Xiao Han, haven’t you entered the Martial Art Pavilion to choose your martial arts manual?”

“Oh… Senior brother Ah Chou, I have chosen one.” Replied Xiao Han.

“You have picked one?” Ah Chou was surprised for a moment.

“Yeah, senior brother Ah Chou, let’s go.” Xiao Han grabbed Ah Chou and pulled him by the shoulder, and left immediately.

Deacon Leng stared at Xiao Han and Ah Chou’s backs with a sinister and vicious gaze until they left the mountain peak. His mouth sneered and let out a ridiculing laugh. “Idiot! You can go back and slowly practice it!”

“It would be best if he was possessed by a heart’s demon. All the problems will end when the main issue is resolved.” Yang Lei quickly walked toward Deacon Leng’s side and laughed: “Deacon Leng, this time I really have to thank you.”

Deacon Leng waved his hand, replied: “Well, he is only a walking target, it was a cinch, not even worth mentioning.”

Halfway down the mountainside.

“Hahaha!” Xiao Han couldn’t hold his excitement anymore, and burst into laughter.

“Xiao Han, you, why are you laughing?” Ah Chou was astonished, and quickly changed the subject: “What did Deacon Leng say to you?”

“He didn’t say anything. He only passed me a peerless martial arts manual.” Xiao Han took out the shabby parchment from his arm’s sleeve and handed it to Ah Chou.

Ah Chou took the parchment and looking at it. His face instantly paled. He quickly patted his thigh, “Xiao Han! You were deceived! You don’t know about this peerless martial arts manual! This is a broken and rotten parchment! I heard from numerous outer disciples saying that the Martial Arts Pavilion has a worthless parchment. It’s an ancient relic, but it has no value whatsoever. There were a large number of outer and inner disciples who had spent many zhenwu coins to borrow this parchment for the sake of researching it. And finally, none of them could perceive anything from it! Xiao Han, you were swindled! That Deacon Leng wanted to make things difficult for you! I knew it! It was certainly Yang Lei who pulled the strings behind the back!”

Xiao Han took the parchment back from Ah Chou. He put this treasure deep in his arm’s sleeve. He licked his lips and said: “Senior brother Ah Chou, starting today, I must diligently practice and cultivate! Someday, this Xiao Han will become outstanding and successful! If I can’t practice this peerless martial arts technique, then I, Xiao Han, vow that I’m not a human!”

“Xiao Han, you, you, you didn’t become an idiot, right?” Ah Chou could only swallow his saliva.