The Silly Alchemist

The Silly Alchemist

Associated name(s): 炼金狂潮, Alchemist Frenzy

Author: 蓝领笑笑生 – Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng

Genre: XuanHuan, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Semi-Romance, Semi-Harem

Status: Active

Translator(s): Hazel, still looking for other TL’rs

Editor(s): Open


Author’s Introduction:

In my previous life, I had been ordinary all my life. When I reincarnate, this time, I want to find a family which has authority, power and money!

I want to become a prodigal son! A prodigal who has authority, power and money! Yep, it would be great if there were some lackeys who followed behind me too.

I want to squander money, I want to be a prodigal son!

[I want to let the world confront a surging tide – an Alchemist Surging Tide!]

Introduction by staff:

Ye Lang was a person who wanted to live an ordinary life, but alas, life kicked him to the curb after giving him some candy. In his next life, Ye Lang doesn’t want to be ordinary anymore, he wants to do what he hasn’t been able to: Squander money like his life depends on it!

This is a novel that tries to avoid the regular xianxia clichés. So if you are tired of the clichés and the arrogant MC’s, then this is definitely the novel for you.

But like other novels, this also has plot armor, quite thick in fact. But! The plot armor gets a form in the story itself (He is literally blessed by the god’s) and is even sometimes used as a plot device.

The novel mixes action and humor quite well. And if you hate harem, don’t let the (semi-)harem tag bother you, it says semi for a reason.

Just to clarify, this isn’t a story where the MC tries to become the strongest, this is a story where MC tries to enjoy life and splurge all his money; and he tries really hard to splurge.


3 chapters a week



    1. Maybe you will understand in some chapters, maybe you will only understand at the end of the novel.
      I might tell you in a spoiler thread.

      Let’s just say that if you want it to end in a harem, then it will be a harem, if you DON’T want it to end as a harem, then it won’t end as a harem. It is all up to you.

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