The Thrilling Sword

The Thrilling Sword

The Thrilling Sword

Associated name(s): 剑破仙惊

Author: 夜云端 – Night Cloud Peak

Status: Hiatus

Genre: Qihuan, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Translator(s): Recruiting

Editor(s): Closed



Ye Xuan is a very good doctor. Even though he is only 14-15 years, he has been learning medicine with his grandpa since he was 3 years old. His grandpa is a legendary doctor, of the Medicinal Dao Master level just one step shy of the ultimate level.
But his grandpa suddenly died after trying to cure a mysterious person with the “Hundred Evils Body” and Ye Xuan is now trying to survive together with his uncle. His grandpa left the first half of his doctor’s manual to Ye Xuan. The other half is in the hands of a former friend of his grandpa who now refuses to return it.
Ye Xuan has to become strong to retrieve the 2nd half of the manual. The first half of the manual contains a special acupuncture method which allows Ye Xuan to cultivate much faster than normal people.

When his uncle suddenly disappeared, leaving only a note with the word “flee!” on it, Ye Xuan is left on his own to survive in this world.

When Ye Xuan finally made it into a sect, he was forced to join a waning division of the sect where he is the sole student of a beautiful woman. His master…



  1. llesyt, it been a while now, so any word on whether the translator is saying about doing this novel now? I really feel this has a strong potential to be a great series after all and it would be sad to just shelf it. Dominating sword immortal which i feel holds some similarities to this novel is very popular on xianxiaworld. I feel this novel could well standout for your website like that i think.

    1. …yes, this is a harem I believe, or will be.
      Okay, I got a spoiler from someone and it seems that this is NOT a harem, sadly, there is a lot of developing on his love part, so much that I find it a shame that it isn’t a harem.

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