Thunder Martial

Thunder Martial

Associated name(s):  雷武

Author: 中下马笃 – Less Than Half a Horse’s Honesty

Status: Active

Genre: Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Survival, Romance,

Translator(s):  Monkillu

Editor(s): Recruiting



In this world, everyone has a possibility to betray you. Even if it is your brother.

Just for a 500 year old Snow Ginseng, Zi Chen’s friend, who he treated as his brother, stabbed his dantian and took away his life, before kicking him off the mountain top.

Who would have expected that a mysterious Thunder Seed entered Zi Chen’s heart, letting him be reborn from death, having his bone marrow refined, and even obtaining a technique called Heaven Thunder Body Tempering.

With great luck assisting him in training his body. Taking in the Snow Ginseng helped him reconstruct his dantian.

With the Thunder Seed absorbing pure spiritual energy, his cultivation progress improved rapidly.

Those who had once betrayed him should all suffer in his cruel revenge.