TM Ch 49

Chapter 49 – The ten seeds move

Translated by Monkillu


The word ‘scram’ from the shadow sounded very cold, but for Luo Mu, this was just like a voice from heaven.

His heart was beating crazily, but he didn’t reveal any of it. After he bowed his head gratefully, he then crawled towards the other four people.

Luo Mu knew that Zi Chen was willing to let him off because he was soft-hearted. Therefore, he had an ingenious way to deal with the soft-hearted person. He crawled very slowly on purpose, he appeared to be seriously injured, moreover he needed to show that he was very loyal.

“Junior brother wake up… Junior brother.”

Luo Mu was shaking an unconscious disciple, his voice sounded hoarse, his whole body was covered with blood, he looked horrible.

The shadow seemed to be unwilling to see this scene, so he left directly.

“Junior brother, junior brother…!” Luo Mu was shouting gently whilst looking at the direction the shadow departed at. A moment later, the shadow vanished from his line of sight.

“Wake up! Wake up quickly!” Luo Mu increased his strength. His voice also became lower and deeper as his nose also no longer spurted blood.

The disciples were awoken by his shaking.

“Luo Mu what happened? Where are our bags?” All of the disciples woke up, they discovered that their bags were gone, their look changed in an instant.

“They were taken away by that guy. We need to leave here quickly.” Luo Mu obviously didn’t want to say much, he was only thinking about leaving this place.

One disciple pursued and asked: “That guy, who is ‘that guy’?”

“Idiot! Of course it is the one who knocked you out cold.” Luo Mu couldn’t help but scold and snap at him. The disciple instantly regretted the moment he opened his mouth, and could only lower his voice.

“It is already quite good that you can keep your life. I begged him to not kill you guys, didn’t you notice that even your contribution points have been taken?” Said Luo Mu.

“Ah… Really! That fucker!” A disciple cried out in alarm.

“You shut up!” Luo Mu scolded and said: “Your wealth can still be earned back, but if your life is taken, then you’re dead. Follow me and leave now, we will go and find senior brother Xu Yan.”

“Why go to Xu Yan? Can he help us?”

“I’m not sure about others, but this time he will absolutely help us, because I know the identity of the shadow.” Said Luo Mu in a low voice.

“Who is the shadow?” All four people looked at Luo Mu.

“It is Zi Chen.” Said Luo Mu in a low voice.

“What… Zi Chen, that fucker!” A strong killing intent was being emitted from the four people’s eyes.

“I didn’t expect him to have grown stronger again. But so what. He still has to die. Let’s go, we will report to senior brother Xu Yan. This time we will make Zi Chen die without a burial ground.”

“Our things aren’t so easy to rob.”

Everyone clenched their teeth, and with their wounded bodies, they left swiftly.


The shadow left the jungle. After travelling for several miles, he stopped outside the valley, then took off the mask. It was really Zi Chen.

He found these black clothes amongst Zheng Hua and the other’s belongings. They fitted him nicely. Although black clothes could only be worn by the core disciples in the sect, but outside the sect there was no such rule.

Here was Zi Chen’s temporary residence, it was very secretive. It was the area where he previously recuperated.

During the the past few days, Zi Chen was robbing others instead of laboriously searching for the spirit medicine by himself. It was way quicker if he just snatched them from others.

This was a shortcut.

“What’s wrong? From your appearance, it seems like you spared Luo Mu?” A voice rang out, and Miao Kong walked out from the valley.

“We’re fellow disciples after all. Robbing them of their things is enough.” Said Zi Chen.

“On that day in the sect they wanted to kill you.” Miao Kong shook his head and sighed: “Your heart is too soft. Sooner or later, you will suffer from this. Take a look at Zhang Haotian, the disciples that fall into his hands are never left alive.”

These days, Miao Kang kept watch for the different sects’ disciples that came. That determined who went out to rob them. And if it was someone from Black Tortoise sect, then either one of them could randomly go out.

However all this time, Zi Chen had the tendency to let off a lot of people that had offended him, as for Zhang Haotian, he was very ruthless. All the people that had offended him had died under his Heavenly Tyrant Fist.

Zi Chen smiled and said: “I let them go because they weren’t a threat to me, therefore it wasn’t necessarily to kill them. But once they pose a threat to me, I will naturally dispose of them.”

Zi Chen’s eyes suddenly turned cold, a strong killing intent appeared.

After he felt the strong killing intent from coming Zi Chen, Miao Kong asked puzzledly: “What do you mean?”

Zhang Haotian also came out after he felt Zi Chen’s killing intent. He was also wearing black clothes. His expression was still cold and he said coldly: “Who do you want to kill?”

Zi Chen said coldly: “The inner sect ‘s ten seeds.”

Before, when he was hiding in the forest, he heard the conversation between Luo Mu and the others. He knew that the ten seeds were still looking for him, therefore Luo Mu, who didn’t faint had ‘accidentally’ discovered Zi Chen’s token.

Luo Mu thought that he was very smart, but he never thought it was all planned by Zi Chen.

Zi Chen recollected the matter again and said: “Since we know that they will come, we might as well prepare and give them a big present.”

“That’s right. We will settle this matter once and for all.”

“It’s best if we can solve it in one try, to avoid further trouble.”

They both nodded and walked towards the valley.


Xu Yan relied on his powerful strength to stay at a place in Spirit Medicine Garden, which was previously the territory of a rank eight ferocious beast. But after Xu Yan killed the beast and ate it, this place became Xu Yan’s territory.

All of the ten seeds stayed here, the injuries of the tenth seed had healed, and he had been talking about Zhang Haotian. He vowed to kill Zhang Haotian. For the tenth seed, the day when he was defeated by Zhang Haotian was a humiliating day, therefore he absolutely had to pay it back.

If he cannot win single handedly, then he will gang up on him.

One day later, Luo Mu and the others hurriedly arrived.

“Senior brother Xu Yan! Senior brother Xu Yan!” Several people started to shout from afar. Luo Mu had yet to even wash off the fresh blood on his body, he looked horrible and very pitiful.

“Who?” The tenth seed appeared, he was looking coldly at them.

“Senior brother, it is me, Luo Mu. I hope that senior brother can help us to eradicate the scum of Ling Wu Sect.” Said Luo Mu as he pleaded, the rest also joined in and pleaded again and again.

“What the hell is it?” The tenth seed was impatient, and didn’t know Luo Mu at all. He was also disinclined to bother with them.

‘It is Zi Chen. We saw Zi Chen. All of our things were snatched by him, even our contribution points were snatched by him.” Luo Mu cried out tearfully.

“What? Zi Chen?” The tenth seed had not even spoken yet, when another youth walked out. This person’s look was handsome, his figure was slim, and he wore white clothes. He walked out slowly from the forest, on his handsome face, there was a trace of surprise.

The one who came was Lin Yu, he was number two in Ling Wu Sect’s inner sect, he was only slightly weaker than Xu Yan. His popularity was very high in Ling Wu Sect, moreover, his handsome appearance was also the object of admiration from numerous female disciples.

Initially, when he came here, he had already received the request from Luo Men to kill Zi Chen. Later on, he had also heard Chen Feng give the order to kill Zi Chen. These days, he had lead a team separately from Xu Yan for more than two months, they still had not found Zi Chen.

“It is Zi Chen.” Said Luo Mu, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

Recounting it carefully, Xu Yan also walked out from the forest.

Seeing the two senior brothers appear together, Luo Mu felt a little flattered. Thus, it can be seen that Zi Chen was very important for the both of them. The Luo Mu that was feeling flattered recounted the matter before all over again. Naturally, the place that needed to be exaggerated and smeared, Luo Mu would not forget.

A moment later, Zi Chen, under Luo Mu’s mouth, had became a despicable and shameless person that sneak attacked his own fellow disciple, moreover, an uneducated traitor.

He also said that ‘If the ten seeds have the courage, then they should bring it on’. He also added that he did not put anyone from Ling Wu Sect in his eyes…… And also that the ten seeds enjoyed an undeserved reputation, they couldn’t even beat an eigth Zhen Qi Layer Zhang Haotian. Luo Mu had lowered his head while adding oil and vinegar to the story. The four people beside him maintained their silence, but the angry expression on their face was in rapport with Luo Mu’s story.

“This fellow is quite rampant.” Lin Yu had clenched his fists, his eyes were full with killing intent.

“I’m going to kill him!” The tenth seed said furiously.

Xu Yan also looked extremely gloomy. Regardless whether Luo Mu’s words were true or not, Zi Chen certainly had to die.

“Where is he?” Xu Yan asked coldly.

“In a jungle tens of miles away. Probably he has not left yet.” Luo Mu said.

“Then what are you waiting for, show the way.” The tenth seed shouted. After that, Xu Yan called several other people over.

The ten seeds gathered swiftly.

Seeing the ten people in front of him, Luo Mu felt that his head was kinda dizzy. He could not help but ask, “Could it be that all of the senior brothers will go?”

It was no wonder that Luo Mu was startled. He had already reported Zi Chen’s strength accurately, as he was only at the eighth Zhen Qi Layer according to him. Only one or two people from the ten seeds should have been enough, but he did not expect that actually all ten of them would go.

“Less nonsense. Walk.” The tenth seed said coldly.

Luo Mu and the rest did not know about the truth, but they, the ten seeds, had actually obtained the news from Zhan Wu Sect: Zi Chen was together with Zhang Haotian. Moreover, Zi Chen had mastered the Thunderbolt Finger. His fighting strength was even stronger than Zhang Haotian.

Therefore, the ten of them did not dare to be negligent.

After all, Zheng Hua and the rest from Zhan Wu Sect had died in Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian’s hands.

Luo Mu nodded resentfully. He lead the way in front with several other junior disciples, the ten seeds followed behind them.

“Big brother, is this Zi Chen really so strong?” Someone asked.

“He dares to offend Chen Feng, naturally he has a trick or two up his sleeves. Before, I thought that the guy was a brainless idiot, but it now appears that was already prepared. The Thunderbolt Finger, Ling Wu Sect’s most difficult martial art to master, was mastered by him.” Xu Yan sighed.

“What does this Thunderbolt Finger look like, we really have not seen it before.”

“I also have not seen it before, but it was said it can shoot lightning.

“Lightning, are you kidding me? The power of lightning is the power of heaven. Can it be used by a common cultivator like us?”

One disciple laughed ridiculously.

Ha ha, what use is it to discuss about it here. Just wait till we reach that place, naturally we will be able to see it.” Xu Yan laughed. Regarding the power of lightning from the legends, he also did not believe it.

They were injured when they arrived there, but when they set off again, there were Xu Yan and the rest, Luo Mu’s speed quickened alot, after half a day, they had arrived at that place.

‘It was here. This is the direction where Zi Chen departed in before.” Luo Mu pointed at the direction where Zi Chen’s figure had disappeared.

“Let’s go.” Xu Yan said coldly.

A few miles away, after a moment, the crowd saw a valley.