TM 47

Marathon start!

Second regular chapter of the week.

As we still don’t have any news from imakeussmile, we have started looking for a temporary translator for TSA.
If there is anyone who wants to apply to help us at least temporarily translate TSA, that would be appreciated!

Priority recruitment:

We have started on our project, but we are still looking for web developers who have knowledge of PHP and also a web designer to build our new website! Also very importantly, we need UX/UI specialists in our team (experience negligable).
It would look great on your portfolio and you would have some benefits on our new site!

We already have a few staffmembers who have started developing the site. If possible, I would like to add more staff-members to speed up the process.
It would really help us, and you the readers if we can get the new website up and running.

TM Ch 47

TL: Monkillu
Edit: Ilesyt, Iron Man, Richie

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